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Customizable Thank You PagesYes, With 3 StylesNo
Forms1 - Unlimited1 - 10
Email NotificationsInstantDaily
Submission ArchiveYes, Forever30 - 365 Days
Upgrade Price6$ - 99$ per month4$ - 59$ per month
Submission Limit500 - Unlimited (Spam Excluded)1.000 - 100.000 (Spam Included)
Form ValidationsYesYes
Free TierYesYes
Free Tier Submission Limit5050
Submission ArchiveYes, ForeverYes, Forever
Spam FilteringEveryoneEveryone
File UploadsYesYes
Custom Email ServerYesYes
Google ReCaptchaYesNo


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Set email notifications for your form

Get an email from formcarry whenever you receive a new submission, add your own HTML template, use it with our smart tags


Use our customizable thank you pages

Formcarry offers 3 different customizable thank you pages that you can customize based on your brand image. Available on all plans.


Formkeep vs Formcarry

formcarry vs. Formkeep: A Comprehensive Comparison

In the world of form backends, choosing the right provider is essential. Let's compare formcarry and Formkeep to see how they stack up against each other.

Customizable Thank You Pages: Enhanced Personalization with formcarry

formcarry offers the ability to customize thank you pages with 3 different styles, allowing you to create a more personalized user experience. Formkeep, on the other hand, does not offer this feature.

Forms: More Flexibility with formcarry

While formcarry offers anywhere from 1 to unlimited forms, Formkeep restricts you to 1-10 forms, depending on your plan.

Email Notifications: Stay Informed Instantly with formcarry

With formcarry, you receive instant email notifications, keeping you in the loop as soon as a submission is made. Formkeep sends daily notifications, a potential delay if timely responses are crucial for your operation.

Submission Archive: More Longevity with formcarry

formcarry archives submissions forever, providing long-term access to your data. Formkeep holds submissions for 30 days on the free tier and up to 3 months on the $4/mo plan, limiting your access over time.

Pricing: Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs

While formcarry's pricing ranges from $6 to $99 per month, Formkeep offers plans from $4 to $59 per month. Formkeep's lower starting price might be attractive, but consider the features and limitations of each plan to find the best value for your needs.

Turnstile and hCaptcha: Exclusive Features with formcarry

formcarry includes Turnstile and hCaptcha support, enhancing spam protection and offering unique engagement opportunities. Formkeep does not provide these features.

The Verdict: formcarry's Comprehensive Offerings Shine

With advantages in customization, form flexibility, instant notifications, and exclusive features like Turnstile and hCaptcha, formcarry stands out.

Formkeep's limited submission archive and daily email notifications might not suit everyone's needs. If you're looking for a form backend solution that offers robust features, customizable experiences, and long-term data access, formcarry might be the solution you're seeking.

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