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Also known as Frequently Asked Questions


What is formcarry?

Formcarry is a form API that allows you to collect submissions from your own designed HTML

without coding any backend, it basically serves as an form backend. By using formcarry you will instantly access the best features such as getting email notifications for each new submission, file uploads, collecting payments with stripe and more.

What happens if I exceed the monthly submission limit?

We will save your exceeded submissions in a secure place until the first day of next month, but you can't see them unless you upgrade your plan. By upgrading your plan you can recover those submissions, so don't worry we got your back!

Does formcarry supports AJAX?

Yes, formcarry supports AJAX in all packages including the freemium package.

Does formcarry blocks spam submissions?

Yes, there are two types of spam protection, one is marking the submissions as spam and the other one is blocking auto bot attacks, formcarry supports both of them by default.